Connects your devices

Connects analogue devices via DECT radio
ETSI Standard, GAP, CAT-iq with standard RJ11 connector
Very simple plug & play commissioning
Internal call function
Auto dialling function for call buttons
LED Status Indicators

DECT DOC Plug is used to connect analog devices via DECT radio with IP, DSL or ISDN systems.

The DECT interface complies with the ETSI standards GAP and CAT-iq with RJ11 telephone interface. It is installed where the terminals are to be used, no problem thanks to the DECT radio interface.

A typical application in the private and business sector is the connection of fax machines and corded analogue telephones to IP or ISDN systems.

DECT DOC Plug can also be used for data modems and POS devices.

The configuration is carried out via a clear and easy to understand PC application. Updates can also be carried out easily via this interface.

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Technical data

ETSI Standards
DECT Common Interface EN 300 175
DECT GAP (Telephony) EN 300 444
DECT CAT-iq2.0 (HDVoice) TS 102 527-1/3
DECT Band 1880MHz – 1900MHz
ERP (Eff Radiated Power) max 24dBm
eqv 10mW thermic/channel
Codecs G.726, G.722 long
Power socket 220VAC/50Hz EURO Norm
USB USB2.0 Standard
RJ11 analog terminals
Dimension H x W x D 120 x 62 x 65mm
Weight 125g
Operating temperature +5°C up to +45°C