Security for you and
your loved ones

Call for help at the push of a button
3 numbers for assistance and 1 number for emergencies
Fall detection
with automatic call (trigger the help call sequence)
Smoke detector
with automatic call when the smoke detector is triggered (triggering the help call sequence)
Reminder function
E.g. to take medication
Automatic call for help sequence
3 numbers for assistance and 1 number for emergencies
Family and friends
10 telephone numbers with names and read aloud function
with read aloud function for names
Announcements in all national languages
Read aloud function for telephone book and personal information at emergency call point
Battery warning

Out of radio range Message


Your private emergency call system

The good feeling of security

Help through family and friends is the best and most personal way to take care of our loved ones in old age. Many everyday problems can be solved in a pleasant way. In the event that family and friends cannot be reached, a freely definable emergency number can be dialed for safety reasons. Since no service contract is required, there are no additional monthly costs. All you need is your in-house DECT telephone system.


Call for help at the touch of a button

„Ralf gets a call, please wait.“

You determine those persons who are called for help for everyday problems at the push of a button. You define 3 numbers, which are contacted sequentially and repeatedly. The integrated voice assistant provides information on the status of the calls and on the people currently being called. This contributes significantly to de-escalation in panic situations. An intelligent "Call Manager" ensures that the call sequence is executed safely.


Fall detection

„Did you fall? …. Help is called“

An essential element of safety is fall detection. A fall is the greatest threat to a single person, because in many cases a manual call for help is no longer possible. DECT DOC Help has a new method (DPDM) for fall detection. DPDM is extremely reliable and suppresses false alarms, e.g. if only the device has fallen to the ground. Optionally, the event "product on floor" can be activated for an automatic call for help. However, this call for help checks beforehand whether there is really an emergency situation.


Smoke alarm detection

„This is a smoke alarm at Susanne Wagner in Munich… .
…the apartment key is stored with the caretaker…“

When man sleeps, he can't see smoke. Quick help is therefore vital. DECT DOC Help reliably detects the smoke alarm of all smoke detectors of all types and activates a help call sequence. The called party is informed of the smoke alarm and location by the voice assistant. In addition, further information such as access to the apartment can be added. Which information is announced in the event of a fall or smoke alarm is determined individually by you. DECT DOC Help monitors the situation until the smoke alarm has been switched off.


Time-controlled hints

„Please take medication!“

Most people of advanced age are dependent on the daily intake of various medications. As age-related forgetfulness also increases, time-controlled instructions from the DECT DOC Help help, for example, not to forget to take certain tablets. You can define up to 5 such messages per day in terms of time and content. The integrated language assistant reads these instructions loudly and clearly, indicating the current time.


Daily contact with Family & Friends

„Anna is calling!“
„Walter gets a call, please wait“

Contact with family and friends is important for people living alone. With DECT DOC Help, personal calls can be easily initiated or answered. The integrated language assistant is particularly valuable here: it reads out the names from your individually created telephone list. All you need to do is press the central call button to make a hands-free call with high audio quality and volume.


Integrated language assistant - a highlight of the device

The linguistic accompaniment makes operation child's play

A special feature of the DECT DOC Help is its integrated language assistant (iVA), which is available in every national language. The language support is especially helpful for older people. It also prevents panic in emergency situations. For outgoing and incoming telephone calls, the names associated with the telephone number are announced. In emergency situations (falls, smoke), personal data and information can be passed on to the called number. iVA also provides valuable information for daily use, including the need to charge the battery, and much more.


Simple PC APP configuration

Personalization of settings

The PC App on the supplied USB stick allows you to enter your personal data and contacts individually: Names+telephone numbers for family+friends, for help with everyday problems or emergencies, as well as time-controlled hints, or volume ... national language ... and much more. For security reasons, all data is stored locally on the USB stick. The configuration program is simple and easy to understand.


and much more…

In addition to these unique functions, the DECT DOC Help has even more to offer: Charging without cable with shapely charging disc, splash water protection, operation on your own DECT telephone system without adjustments, etc...

DECT DOC Help as a personal device with voice announcements and central call button (1) for a call for help, comfortable side keys (2) for various settings, multi-coloured status LED (3) to indicate operating status, large LED ring (4) to signal the call status, Hands-free speaker (5) and high-sensitivity microphone (6).
If urgent help is needed, the user can press the call button anywhere in the house and immediately be connected to relatives, friends, neighbors or healthcare providers as determined by the help numbers configured via the PC App via Micro-USB (7).
The DECT DOC Help is conveniently loaded by placing it on the contactless loading disc using the QI standard.

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Technical data

DECT-Standard DECT GAP according to ETSI standard 300 444
DECT-Range in the house - up to 50m,
outdoors - up to 300m
Keys central call button
2 side keys
LED-Display Ring LED (signals calls)
Status LED (shows DECT and charge status)
Vibration Signalling of calls, alarms and confirmations
Micro-USB Configuration, software upgrade
Microphone highly sensitive microphone with all-round character
Loudspeakers powerful, dynamic miniature loudspeaker
Stand-by / Operating time 72 / 50 hours (at 30min talk time per day)
Dimensions, Weight 70 x 42 x 14mm (L x W x H), 41g
Loading device Qi Standard / contactless, shapely design with LED ring
USB power supply 110-240V 50/60Hz, EURO plug, cord 1.3m
Operating temperature 0 ̊C upto +45 ̊C
Protection class IP64
Necklace Circumference 80cm

Audio Full duplex speakerphone
Language assistant in all national languages
Telephony outbound/inbound calls
Call tones Polyphony, selectable tones and melodies

Configuration software
Windows App
  • Enter phone numbers and names
  • Specifying the Language Wizard's National Language
  • Define call sequences for help, fall and smoke alarm
  • Entering reminders with time information
  • Help functions for login, Software upgrade